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If you're an independent insurance broker looking to contract with a leading Medicare Supplement carrier*, you've come to the right place.

United American Insurance Company offers life and indemnity health policies, as well as cancer, critical illness, final expense, life insurance, annuities, and Medicare Supplement policies.

Top reasons to contract with United American Insurance Company:

1 iGO e-App® for Medicare Supplement sales

2 High commissions and renewals for as long as
      the policy remains in force**

3 Lead contract — never run out of leads again

4 100% vested renewals from Day 1

5 Advance commission loans on our Medicare
      Supplement policies

6 Lead-generating Introductory Offer - $3,000
      Accidental Death Policy

**NAIC Medicare Supplement Loss Ratios in 2011, Medicare Experience Report By Direct Premiums Earned For Total Individual Policies, July 2012.
** Limited to 6th policy year on guaranteed issue Medicare Advantage replacements only; not applicable in WA.
▲ No cost for the first policy year; at the end of the first policy year they may keep coverage for $10 a year.


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Topics include:

44% lower rates an average over the last 4 years on Medicare Supplement Plan HDF in most states.

Competitive product portfolio: Senior Market, Life insurance, 3% annuities, Indemnity Health, Final Expense, and Ancillary Products

Online training 24/7

United American offers highly competitive premium rates for 2011 Medicare Supplement plans in most states.